Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership is a methodology consisting of two principles, Mindfulness and Creativity, and six practices. PL provides a step-by-step framework to access deeper levels of learning and insight in situations of cultural difference and change. The practices are designed to provide a space for reflection and subsequent discerning of right action when we are interacting with people, places, or projects that are new and unfamiliar to us. Personal Leadership was founded by Sheila Ramsey, Barbara Schaetti and Gordon Watanabe. PL is based on ideas and theories from the fields of Intercultural Communication, Leadership Development, Whole-Person-Self-Development, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology, and is being used across a wide variety of environments including the corporate, not-for-profit, and educational sectors. We are very excited about how this framework compliments and enriches the work we are doing at Intercultural Understanding.

Areas in which training can be offered:

  • Individualized PL Programs: Receive coaching incorporating the methodology to increase your abilities with decision making processes.
  • Organizational PL Programs: Receive training in your organization via a two-day Personal Leadership seminar to provide employees with a solid understanding of the PL principles, practices and process tools for more effective decisions.
by Barbara F. Schaetti, Ph.D., Sheila J. Ramsey, Ph.D. & Gordon C. Watanabe, Ed.D., 2008, Flying Kite Publications, Seattle, WA. Available on Amazon: