IU for Organizations

Gain deeper understanding of challenges and requirements of diversity within organizations

Greater success across cultures

In order to help your personal, not-for-profit or business initiatives for greater successful interactions across cultures, Intercultural Understanding provides you and your staff with services aimed at increasing intercultural awareness and competencies.

Joseph J. Distefano and Martha L. Maznevski’s research in “Creating Value with Diverse Teams in Global Management” indicates that multicultural teams perform better when the cultural differences are recognized as assets in the organization and when leaders acknowledge and support cultural differences (2000). The better your staff is able to bridge across differences, the better they will work together and your organization will enjoy greater successes.

Our customized programs will result in a better understanding of your own culture or cultures as well as those of the country or countries with which you do business.

Areas in which training services can be offered:

  • Global diversity: to develop intercultural competence for interactions across national boundaries.
  • Local diversity: to develop competence across the organization to embrace and leverage from local diversity when working with a multicultural staff.

These services include assessment of intercultural competencies by means of the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) and intercultural competencies skills building by means of a training program with workshops or coaching. Contact us so that we may conduct a needs analysis of your organization and to offer you an individualized program.

The IDI® is the leading cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence used by thousands of individuals and organizations to build intercultural competence in order to achieve international and local diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes.