Our Mission

To help your school or university thrive by tapping into
your internationalization potential with training and coaching.

Intercultural Understanding provides your staff and students
with services aimed at increasing their intercultural awareness and competencies, making for more successful interactions across cultures for your institution’s educational initiatives.

Our customized programs will result in a better understanding of their own cultures as well as that of the host or receiving countries

Almendra Staffa-Healey

Almendra Staffa-Healey

Experiential and Belonging Learning Coach, Intercultural and DEIB Trainer, IDI Qualified Administrator, Personal Leadership Senior Facilitator

US American & Spanish

Nedra Sandiford

Nedra Sandiford

International Educator, DEIB Facilitator & Conference Speaker, Intercultural Trainer

US American & Spanish

Brian David George

Brian David George

Intercultural / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Trainer, Well-being Facilitator, Podcaster

US American, Spanish & Catalan

Esperanza Portillo

Esperanza Portillo

Intercultural Facilitator, Intercultural Competence Trainer, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

Mexican, German & Basque

Deepika Bhoolabhai

Deepika Bhoolabhai

Mindset & Success Coach, TIR Facilitator in Human Potential

South African-Indian, Spanish & Catalan

Ariadne Ferro

Ariadne Ferro

Intercultural & Inclusion Trainer, DEIB Facilitator, IDI QA, ADHD Educator

Cuban-US American & Spanish


Our Business Preview


Comprehensive internationalization programs for you, your people and your students


With an initial assessment of your needs, you then receive a mix of training and coaching to build staff, professor and student intercultural and diversity potential


To align engagement, performance and purpose for your internationalization objectives


What you get from us

Intercultural Training

Knowledge, skills and practice with meaning-making across differences

Developmental Coaching

Individual & team growth and support to ensure successful change

Communication Workshops

Understanding that differences are key to innovation and resilience

Internationalization Strategies

Building understanding and connection for self and others

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Creating staff and student commitment through acceptance and belonging

Our Vision

To empower you, your people and your organization to develop and integrate well-being and potential

lighthouse to show successful interactions


How you benefit by working with us


Holistic approach

Our focus is on your institution’s well-being, that of your staff, faculty and students as they engage in internationalization changes

We are all unique

You get a rich range of skills, talents and tools from our diverse team


Impact and improvement in university initiatives for

educating effectively in a globally interconnected world


Our Services


Assessment of your school or university

We assess how you, your people and students understand and navigate differences


Tailored programs

Online courses and/or in-person workshops (individual & teams)


Developmental Coaching

Individual and group coaching
Practice and integration between sessions
Follow up and support

The IDI is the leading cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence


Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®)

These services include assessment of intercultural competencies by means of the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) for students and staff over 16 years of age. Intercultural competencies skills building will be accomplished with a training program that can include workshops or coaching for all ages. Contact us so that we can conduct a needs analysis of your organization and to offer you an individualized program.



Georgetown University students in Madrid are offered the opportunity of participating in an individualized intercultural workshop with Intercultural Understanding. Many of our students take advantage of this privilege and it has now become a highlight of our program. Students find that Almendra offers profound insights and guidance to help them navigate cultural differences in Spain, throughout their travels through Europe and upon returning home. It is a meaningful way of framing their study abroad experience and the life lessons acquired. 

Ana Flys

Resident Director, Georgetown University in Madrid

Almendra brings a high level of professionalism and a great depth of knowledge to workshops with my students. The information and frameworks she provides helps students frame and process their adjustment into the Spanish culture. I have worked with Almendra for 3 years, and known her for 20, and would not think of running a study abroad program in Spain without including a workshop with her for my students when they first arrive.

Catherine Hanley

Director of E·V·E Abroad

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