Of Fire

Belonging – Building – Being

This unique process will help you discover your authentic way of being.

In small groups, you will learn the importance of listening and really being listened to.

You will learn to see with new eyes and hear with new ears…


Circle Of Fire Methodology


The Circle Of Fire program is conducted for six sessions over 6 or 12 weeks. For individuals or for groups from six to eight people. Using stillness, conscious speaking and active listening techniques, you or your team will experience incredible discoveries, clarity, and transformations. It’s perfect to create a culture of belonging.


The sessions last for just under two hours. Each time the Circle of Fire Agreements are read to prepare participants to gain the greatest benefit of our time together. The focus of every Circle is whatever is most real, current and present in each person’s experience (awareness, emotions, body) at the time of each meeting. There is no dialogue, discussion, cross talk or persuasion. It’s a confidential, safe space. A way to build personal responsibility and better team cohesion and of embodying a more authentic way of being.


The sacred space allows individuals to ground themselves as human beings. Each person takes turns speaking, observing and and prioritizing, without rushing into labels, reasons, concepts, and judgements. We feel the aliveness, love and support that is released when we are truthful with ourselves. Meanwhile we allow others to travel their own unique journey, accepting our differences and rejoicing in our shared humanity.


Circle Of Fire’s Origins

The Circle Of Fire joins a long and time-honored lineage of humans sitting in circles. Our very earliest ancestors would have sat around a fire to listen to each other, debate, discover and decide things.  The uniqueness of the Circle of Fire program arises in the identical repeated topic for every sitting, ‘What is the most immediate, real and present matter in your mental awareness, heart and body at the time of each session?’ From this focus arises our FIRE.

It was originally called a ‘small group experience’ and designed by Sat Shree at the New Dharma a Paradigm for Spiritual Living Community.  Sat Shree founded this community in 2009 to “inspire mankind to embrace a new consciousness through actively living universal spiritual principles in everyday life.” 

Sat Shree

Sheila Ramsey, PhD, Founder of The Circle Of Fire

Sheila Ramsey launched the Circle Of Fire in 2020 in Crestone, Colorado. Initially offering in-person sessions, she has now branched out into an on-line format and is therefore able to help more people. For more information click here

We are not feeling our feelings to get rid of them. We are feeling them because that is the process that is happening now. I am not looking for who you can become. I am looking for who you are right now and how I am with you.  That is love.”

Thomas Hubl

lighthouse to show successful interactions



I can relate without judgment; I can  just be in the service of well-being from a deep peace and everything is connected and just this.

What happens in the Circle burns whatever is in the way of living in life purpose, in essence, in my highest and best. There is no hiding out.

My soul is present. And my brain sits in the corner while my heart and gut dance.

It gives a space from which we are more easily able to be of service to humanity – helping to make the turn to our next phase of more expanded consciousness. 

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